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Mid-century Kallax

Ikea Kallax mid century hack

There was a corner of our landing calling out for some attention. I had been looking on eBay for a mid-century bookshelf for a while but nothing suitable or in budget came up so I decided to hack an Ikea KALLAX shelving unit with some mid-century legs that I found on eBay. It’s the perfect size for the landing and it currently houses the kids’ overflow book collection. In keeping with our house’s age – it was built in the 1950s – all the fixtures and fitings in the house are brass so I couldn’t resist adding the new Ikea KALLAX brass wire basket. I paired the unit with two Ikea MOSSLANDA picture ledges and a mix of black, white and grey frames. It’s a lovely family corner which can evolve with us. And I love it in the afternoon when the sunlight hits the brass pineapple! Happy making!  

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Chalking it up

Annie Sloan

My love of interior design is definitely inherited from my mother. By the time I met my husband, I had lived at 21 different addresses split between England and France, and 12 of those were before I’d left home (since we’ve added 7 addresses to that, split between the UAE, Canada and England!). Each of those 12 childhood homes were re-designed in some way by my mum and instilled in me a love of interior design. I grew up knowing names like Farrow & Ball, Osborne and Little, and Annie Sloan. Of course I – like most young adults in search of their own identity – have since explored my own design heroes but I am appreciating the classics more and more as I grow older. When we moved to Oxford nearly 2 years ago, the name Annie Sloan kept popping up. For those of you who don’t know, Oxford is Annie Sloan’s headquarters: where she lives, where her flagship shop is and now where she makes her paint (as she recently brought the manufacturing of her paint back in house to maintain quality control). Here’s an extract of Annie’s story: “She had three young boys under 7 at the time, so she had little time […]

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Garden shed playhouse

When we bought our home No 1a, there was quite a considerable shed in the garden. The initial shed had received at some stage, not only an extension to the side and to the rear but also, a porch at the front. It even had a power cable connecting it to the house. We didn’t want this extended shed taking up most of the garden but the original shed had potential and I decided that if it stayed intact and watertight, after its’ extension was knocked down, we should keep it and turn it into a playhouse – or No 1b – for the girls. It did stay intact so when the garden was fenced, the guys doing the fencing kindly moved the shed to it’s new location on a new base. We had hoped to move the porch with it but sadly it was rotten. After waiting all winter for the sun to come out, this weekend my husband painted the inside and laid leftover vinyl on the floor so here’s a tour of No 1b. When my eldest saw it painted and looking like a ‘real home’, she said “now we need to pick which pictures we’re going to hang […]

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