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  • Cardboard cacti cactus
    Made, Upcycle Projects

    Cardboard cacti

    I wanted some inexpensive and upcycled cactus inspired decorations for a project I’m doing so I turned to Pinterest. Voilà cardboard cacti in tins! All you need is cardboard, some sharp scissors, tins…

  • Fusion Aubusson
    Made, Upcycle Projects

    Fusion Aubusson

    I came across Fusion Mineral paint on Instagram a few months ago. Their paint sounded great: not only is it non toxic and eco friendly with virtually zero VOC but it is formulated…

  • Sugru monstera ikea hack light
    Ikea Hacks, Made

    Sugru Monstera

    Last month I was really inspired by the new H&M conscious home collection and I did this bedroom design against the backdrop of Dulux Colour of the Year 2018 Heart Wood. I included a suggested HMP IKEA…

  • Sugru pendant lamp
    Made, Upcycle Projects

    Sugru pendant

    We are currently redecorating our bedroom and one of the changes I wanted to make was to change the pendant light. When I redesigned our home, we had a full rewire done…

  • Valspar paint rainbow
    Made, Other Creations

    Somewhere over the rainbow

    The lovely people at Valspar offered me some paint to try and I was of course really excited. I pushed my luck and sold them a rainbow! Actually I turned the offer…

  • Dressing up Wonder Woman
    Ikea Hacks, Made

    Dressing up

    I recently redesigned my daughters’ shared bedroom and their dressing up area also had a redesign. I thought I would share it with you in more detail as it can be hard…

  • IKEA MALM hack Annie Sloan chalk paint white gold
    Ikea Hacks, Made

    MALM Pure gold

    I came across this pin a while ago and thought what a wonderful simple but effective hack this was by Preciouslyme (check out the whole room as it’s gorgeous and full of great…

  • Sponge stamping
    Made, Other Creations

    Sponge stamping

    I love a bit of sponge stamping. Super easy and a great way of using up old washing up sponges. Some of my cut sponges I’ve had for ages like my heart…

  • Sugru
    Blog, Fan Mail, Made, Other Creations


    I discovered Sugru on Instagram last year. I watched a video of it’s inventor Jane describing it as “if superglue and playdoh had a love child this would be it” and I knew that…

  • Dulux Sapphire Salute
    Made, Upcycle Projects

    Sapphire Salute stool

    Spring (OK I’m a bit early) is the time of year I assess how many plants I’ve managed to kill during the winter. I love having plants in the house, sadly they…

  • Plant hanger how to
    Made, Other Creations

    Plant hanger V2.0

    Last June, I went home to France for a weekend and had an unexpected crush: a senecio radicans (or string of bananas). The crush was so hard, that I brought it back in…