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I’m kinda glad I didn’t grow up with a wealth of online sites on which you can create pretty much anything! I definitely have to limit myself and keep in mind I should only create things that are useful or beautiful… or hopefully beautifully useful. Here are a few of my online creations, they are generally inspired by an image – either mine or something I’ve found online.

I found these gorgeous tiles in a market in old town Dubai in 2011. They are hand painted and beautiful. I scanned them and over the next two years I made a few items with the images. An iPhone case with granny in Arabic on it and poster prints (which I glued to canvases) on and a voucher wallet on which are for sale at

custom clutch

I also made this clutch on with one of my photos and bling’ed it up with a leather tassel and hand of Fatima charm.

custom iPhone case custom iPhone case

And my latest online creations are these custom iPhone cases made on

Happy making!


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