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Antoinette Annie Sloan

A few of you lovely people have asked how I come up with my room designs so I thought I would talk you through the creation of the Marie Antoinette tween bedroom. Like all good HMP designs, it started at my local charity shop where I was really feeling the rattan and came back with this gorgeous haul. I used the shelving units in my girls’ playhouse 1b but I only got the bedhead as it was too beautiful to leave in the shop.

Rattan furniture

I had just been on my Annie Sloan painting course so I had a pot of Antoinette – a beautiful dusty pink – Annie Sloan chalk paint in the kitchen itching to be used. And the bedhead did call out for some pink, so after fixing it a bit (to make it symmetrical) I painted it and then waxed it with Annie Sloan clear wax.

Rattan bedhead Rattan bedhead painted Antoinette Annie Sloan

My eldest daughter was very intrigued by the bedhead and wanted to know more about this ‘Antoinette’ I was talking about. You see as a Frenglish family (French English) Antoinette is said the French way and sounded like I was speaking about a friend. Somehow the conversation when on to the fact that there was once a French Queen called Marie Antionette and she was the last Queen of France. I said that at some point during her reign, French people were starving, and yet when she was told that her subjects had no bread, she said: “Qu’ils mangent de la brioche”—“Let them eat cake.” Something my brioche eating daughter thought was hilarious (clearing missing the point but hey!).

Something in my creative mind clicked and I could see a Marie Antoinette bedroom coming to life. An indulgent mix of dusty pinks, a touch of Royal copper and all on a light grey background.

Marie Antoinette tween bedroom Palette

Art work for me is what makes a design. So that was my next step. I had shown some pictures of Marie Antoinette to my daughter and she picked her favourite which had lovely hints of pink in it. I wanted to pair it with something more modern so I had a custom copper print made of her famous saying: let them eat cake.

Marie Antoinette art work

Her is the final room design and I love how it all came together.

Marie Antoinette tween bedroom

You can see a video of me styling the room in my spare bedroom on my facebook page.

Marie Antoinette tween bedroom

Hope you enjoyed the creative process!

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