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  • Plant hanger easy how to Home Made Productions
    Made, Other Creations

    Plant hanger V3.0

    I love plants so when I spotted this stunning vanilla orchid for 19,95€  I couldn’t resist putting it in the car and driving it back to England. It’s a hanging plant which…

  • Soy wax candle making
    Made, Other Creations

    Soy wax candles

    I am always on the hunt for upcycling projects so when my empty jar shelf started overflowing, I figured I needed to do something with them… Candles! So I had the jars…

  • plant-stands-sostrene-grene
    Made, Other Creations

    Plant love

    I have been hit with a serious case of plant love. As someone who was known to kill every plant in sight, I now have a watering day – where all my…

  • Valspar paint rainbow
    Made, Other Creations

    Somewhere over the rainbow

    The lovely people at Valspar offered me some paint to try and I was of course really excited. I pushed my luck and sold them a rainbow! Actually I turned the offer…

  • Sponge stamping
    Made, Other Creations

    Sponge stamping

    I love a bit of sponge stamping. Super easy and a great way of using up old washing up sponges. Some of my cut sponges I’ve had for ages like my heart…

  • Sugru
    Blog, Fan Mail, Made, Other Creations


    I discovered Sugru on Instagram last year. I watched a video of it’s inventor Jane describing it as “if superglue and playdoh had a love child this would be it” and I knew that…

  • Plant hanger how to
    Made, Other Creations

    Plant hanger V2.0

    Last June, I went home to France for a weekend and had an unexpected crush: a senecio radicans (or string of bananas). The crush was so hard, that I brought it back in…

  • DIY oversized Christmas wreath hula hoop
    Made, Other Creations


    This is the first wreath I made. I made it the first Christmas I spent with my now husband. It has been on our door in London, Dubai, Toronto (photo below –…

  • DAS White Air Drying Modelling Clay Christmas ornaments
    Made, Other Creations

    Air dry clay ornaments

    So whilst searching Pinterest for cheap ways to make Christmas ornaments to raise money for my eldest’s classroom budget, I discovered DAS White Air Drying Modelling Clay. Sold. This is what I…