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  • Ambre farine maroc flour bag upcycle outdoor cushion
    Made, Upcycle Projects

    Ambre farine de luxe

    So most people buy tagine pots or rugs when they go to Morocco (if you’re not flying Easyjet with a weight limit on your baggage of course). I did buy some beautiful…

  • Outdoor art cactus vistaprint vinyl banner
    Art, Made

    Outdoor art

    I love art in a design and an outdoor space is no exception to that. So when I was designing our new deck area I went on the hunt for affordable outdoor…

  • Soy wax candle making
    Made, Other Creations

    Soy wax candles

    I am always on the hunt for upcycling projects so when my empty jar shelf started overflowing, I figured I needed to do something with them… Candles! So I had the jars…

  • eico paint air force bluegrass surf upcycle
    Made, Upcycle Projects

    eicó blues

    I love discovering new paint so when the peeps at eicó gave me some love on Instagram, I clicked through to their website to have a read. And I was impressed: environmentally friendly,…

  • Fusion Damask
    Made, Upcycle Projects

    Fusion Damask

    I came across Fusion Mineral paint on Instagram a few months ago. Their paint sounded great: not only is it non toxic and eco friendly with virtually zero VOC but it is formulated with a…

  • plant-stands-sostrene-grene
    Made, Other Creations

    Plant love

    I have been hit with a serious case of plant love. As someone who was known to kill every plant in sight, I now have a watering day – where all my…

  • Cardboard cacti cactus
    Made, Upcycle Projects

    Cardboard cacti

    I wanted some inexpensive and upcycled cactus inspired decorations for a project I’m doing so I turned to Pinterest. Voilà cardboard cacti in tins! All you need is cardboard, some sharp scissors, tins…

  • Fusion Aubusson
    Made, Upcycle Projects

    Fusion Aubusson

    I came across Fusion Mineral paint on Instagram a few months ago. Their paint sounded great: not only is it non toxic and eco friendly with virtually zero VOC but it is formulated…

  • Sugru monstera ikea hack light
    Ikea Hacks, Made

    Sugru Monstera

    Last month I was really inspired by the new H&M conscious home collection and I did this bedroom design against the backdrop of Dulux Colour of the Year 2018 Heart Wood. I included a suggested HMP IKEA…

  • Sugru pendant lamp
    Made, Upcycle Projects

    Sugru pendant

    We are currently redecorating our bedroom and one of the changes I wanted to make was to change the pendant light. When I redesigned our home, we had a full rewire done…

  • Valspar paint rainbow
    Made, Other Creations

    Somewhere over the rainbow

    The lovely people at Valspar offered me some paint to try and I was of course really excited. I pushed my luck and sold them a rainbow! Actually I turned the offer…