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  • Rustoleum wreath how to Home Made Productions
    Ikea Hacks, Made, Upcycle Projects

    Rustoleum wreath

    Yup another day another wreath. ‘Tis the season after all. For our front door I wanted a large matte simple wreath so when I saw this 50cm beauty at IKEA I grabbed…

  • Painted piano colour block Home Made Productions
    Made, Upcycle Projects

    Painted piano

    I grew up with a piano in the house and I really wanted my girls to too. But there always seemed to be something better to spend the money on. And then…

  • Wicker bench spray paint upcycle rustoleum
    Made, Upcycle Projects

    Blue bench

    I was on the look out for second hand reasonable garden furniture for a client when I spotted this photo on Facebook market. The lady was selling the greenhouse behind but I…

  • How to make lavender bags Poppy and Daisy Liberty Print fabric
    Made, Upcycle Projects

    Lavender bags

    Another summer, another lavender post. Last summer I shared how to make bouteille de lavande (lavender bottles) so this summer we thought we would make lavender bags with my mum’s lavender. Here are the little…

  • Annie Sloan Lem Lem chair chalk paint Oxfam
    Made, Upcycle Projects

    Lem Lem V2.0

    Last October Annie Sloan launched a new colour of Chalk Paint: Lem Lem “A soft, warm green, inspired by fields of alliums that Annie saw in Ethiopia, grown by women farmers who are…

  • Annie Sloan challk paint painted Christmas baubles
    Made, Upcycle Projects

    Chalk paint fruit

    Last Christmas I saw Jonathon Marc Mendes‘ Annie Sloan chalk painted Christmas baubles shared on social media and I thought wow! I love the fact that you can paint anything with chalk…

  • Table upcycle before
    Made, Upcycle Projects

    A tale of 2 tables

    I saw this table offered for free on Facebook as it was going to the skip and I had to save it. Nothing was wrong with it, apart from the top being…

  • Sugru Outdoor upcycled light
    Made, Upcycle Projects

    Sugru outdoor light

    There is nothing like a quiet scroll through Pinterest looking for inspiration (if you follow my Make board on Pinterest you’ll see what projects I’m thinking about making). I had a spare solar…

  • Ambre farine maroc flour bag upcycle outdoor cushion
    Made, Upcycle Projects

    Ambre farine de luxe

    So most people buy tagine pots or rugs when they go to Morocco (if you’re not flying Easyjet with a weight limit on your baggage of course). I did buy some beautiful…

  • eico paint air force bluegrass surf upcycle
    Made, Upcycle Projects

    eicó blues

    I love discovering new paint so when the peeps at eicó gave me some love on Instagram, I clicked through to their website to have a read. And I was impressed: environmentally friendly,…

  • Fusion Damask
    Made, Upcycle Projects

    Fusion Damask

    I came across Fusion Mineral paint on Instagram a few months ago. Their paint sounded great: not only is it non toxic and eco friendly with virtually zero VOC but it is formulated with a…