Like a lot of Ikea fans and hackers I was very sad when Ikea announced that they were no longer going to make the Expedit range.


At the time I was looking for a sideboard and playroom furniture and it inspired me to do some Expedit hacks. Of course Expedit units are still easy to find pre-loved and there are lots of hacks of them on Pinterest. After an ISO (In Search Of) post on a pre-loved Facebook group, this is what I did.

Here are my inspiration pins:

Expedit hack

expedit hack

Having done some research of carpenters in Dubai I approached the to help me hack my units. I requested that they use pallet wood and stain it to match the other furniture I was using. Here are the units in the joinery workshop.

IMG_1183 IMG_1184

And here they are in situ…

The 1 x 5 Expedit unit turned on its side, wrapped in stained pallet wood, fitted with legs and matching wood handles for the cupboard and drawers.

expedit hack

The 2 x 4 Expedit unit turned on its side and wrapped in stained pallet wood. Used with Ikea Drona boxes for easy toy storage.

expedit hack

Another 1 x 5 Expedit unit turned on its side, fitted with castors, a cushion pad and a stained pallet wood tray. The perfect toy storage, playroom bench.

expedit hack

Happy making!