On a random late night search for wallpaper – my kind of porn – I stumbled upon this beauty: Scion Sula Wallpaper in Juniper & Kiwi. It inspired me: I could instantly see this gorgeous calm shared bedroom which would suit kids toddling to teening. The colour palette is beige, light green, white, and a touch of kiwi, and of course it includes an upcycling project!


  • Wallpaper: As I said the wallpaper was the inspiration for the room and it dictated the colour palette. I recommend using it on one wall and then colour matching the background of the paper and painting the other walls for a cohesive look. If you comment below I can give you the Dulux paint references.
  • Linen bedding: I love linen bedding especially for children as they often have problems regulating their body temperature as they dream and grow. H&M home have a lovely collection of affordable linen bedding. With this room I would recommend mixing up beige and dusky green bedding on the bunks. You could then bring in a different texture with velvet cushions – not shown here – in dusky green and mustard yellow.
  • Bunk beds: These IKEA bunk beds are a great buy and very sturdy. To bring the look together, I would colour match the chest of drawers and paint them green with an eggshell (matte) paint. You will need 2 coats and please remember to paint the bed before you assemble it otherwise you’ll be cursing me!
  • Rain drop cushion: I love a touch of home made in any room. If you fancy making a sun, raindrop or cloud cushion: go for it. If you would like to buy one, I’ve included the link to the one in the styleboard.
  • Chest of drawers: PLEASE remember to fix this to the wall as advised by IKEA. This light green is a new colour for IKEA and you can find other matching items like a rug or storage boxes (you can never have enough storage with little ones).
  • Table lamp in quince: It could go on a desk or a bedside table and will definitely grow with your kids or it could later be moved into another room as it’s so gorgeous. (I have them in dark teal in my bedroom!)
  • Chair: I have linked the DAW version of this olive chair (ie the armchair version) but you could get the DSW if you have less room or want to use it with a desk or the RAR (rocker) if you have a little one.
  • Art work: I made the artwork for this room so please comment below for details.
  • Curtains: I haven’t pictured curtains here but my general approach in children’s rooms is a black out blind and then a pretty linen curtain over the top. Here you could use H&M linen curtains in beige or dusky green.

I hope you’re inspired!