There was a corner of our landing calling out for some attention. I had been looking on eBay for a mid-century bookshelf for a while but nothing suitable or in budget came up so I decided to hack an Ikea KALLAX shelving unit with some mid-century legs that I found on eBay.

Ikea Kallax

It’s the perfect size for the landing and it currently houses the kids’ overflow book collection. In keeping with our house’s age – it was built in the 1950s – all the fixtures and fitings in the house are brass so I couldn’t resist adding the new Ikea KALLAX brass wire basket.

Ikea Kallax mid century hackIkea Kallax mid century hack Ikea mosslanda picture ledge

I paired the unit with two Ikea MOSSLANDA picture ledges and a mix of black, white and grey frames. It’s a lovely family corner which can evolve with us.

Ikea mosslanda picture ledge

And I love it in the afternoon when the sunlight hits the brass pineapple!

Ikea mosslanda picture ledge

Happy making!