In 1997, my Big Granny died. (I had a very tall granny and a short granny aka Big Granny and Little Granny.) My uncle asked if I wanted anything of hers. I was 17 at the time and not really sure what to take but a had a lovely memory of having dinner with my Big Granny and we had pudding in these cool – well cool for a Granny – Chinese inspired blue and white bowls, so I asked for them. They were the start of my china collection. From then on, I’ve only bought blue and white china. A wonderful mix matched collection and it doesn’t matter if something breaks as there’s no perfect set.

Mixed blue chinaMixed blue china Mixed blue china

So now we are settled in our new home, I’ve decided to build a melamine collection for outdoor dining and picnics. And I had to follow my mix matched blue and white theme. So here’s the beginning of the collection. Like my china collection I’ll add to it bit by bit as I see pieces I like but I guess the plus of melamine is, there shouldn’t be any breakage!

M&S Dovecote Melamine Tesco Navy Pattern Melamine

The beautiful floral designed plates are from the new M&S outdoor collection and they are called Dovecote. They have a printed on crackled effect so they look like old china. The more Moroccan style bowls are from Tesco. They come in plain blue or the patterned version. I would have loved a few plates but they are already sold out.

M&S Dovecote Melamine Tesco Navy Pattern Melamine M&S Dovecote Melamine Tesco Navy Pattern Melamine

When I saw the new M&S melamine collection, I also fell in love with their Frida range. They look like Gypsy painted enamel crockery. So I got a bowl and plate for each of my girls to add to their brighter collection of eco-friendly RICE plates and bowls.

M&S Frida melamine M&S Frida melamineM&S Frida melamine

If you spot any gorgeous blue and white melamine, let me know.

Happy melamining!

PS: not sponsored just inspired.