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This old bed

metal bed frame

My mum kept the bed frame I had as a child. It started off light pink and she painted it black somewhere around my pre-teenhood. Here is a photo of it in my typical 90s teen bedroom. I had removed the bed knobs on the posts as I didn’t think they were cool.

metal bed frame

Fast forward a few decades and my mum had it shipped out to Dubai when we moved our eldest into a big girl bed. Well mummy’s big girl bed!

metal bed frame

By this stage it was a bit more knocked but my daughter was very proud of it. Then we shipped it to Canada and it got even more knocked.

metal bed frame metal bed frame

So I decided that with this move, we would take the time to restore it. The frame is completely solid so it was just a case of giving it a bit of a make over. I wanted to add the bed knobs back on the posts but my mum couldn’t find them in the garage and I couldn’t find any on eBay so, my awesome husband cut down some door knobs and fixed them to the frame.

metal bed frame metal bed frame

From there, I took it to the guys at Fine Finishing to get it sand blasted and spray painted. They did a great job and if you can find craftsmen who still do this (some car spray workshops will), it’s such a great way to save old furniture or even update your furniture to a new colour palette. I now have a long list of things I want them to spray paint!

Here is the end result.

metal bed frame metal bed frame

It looks brand new and hopefully once she’s done with it, I’ll keep it in the loft to give to her daughter.

Happy making!

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