Agh there’s nothing like falling in love with a bit of furniture in a magazine to discover it’s completely out of your price range. When we moved into our second flat in Dubai we had a big wall to fill in the open plan living/dinning room. We needed storage but I also knew that we would see whatever storage option we picked from most of the flat so it had to be beautiful. And reasonable was a given considering we had a 1 year old and we were hoping for another baby.

magazine cutting

When I saw this in one of my many interior design magazines, I loved it. But it was completely out of our price range so I started thinking of a way to recreate it on a budget. The Ikea expedit range was a great starting point and after some tweaking of the design, I had a plan:

Ikea expedit plan

And I have to say that the result was pretty cool. We loved looking at it the 2 years we lived there.

ikea expedit hack

Happy making!