I have been hit with a serious case of plant love. As someone who was known to kill every plant in sight, I now have a watering day – where all my house plants get some love and water – and I recently bought this gorgeous book (House of Plants: Living with Succulents, Air Plants and Cacti) for myself! How I have changed. I’ve even managed to keep my string of bananas alive after hours of research and re-potting.

House of plants

So with this new plant love, I’m now on the look out for affordable and attractive plant containers. I recently made some plant hangers which I love but I’ve been after some plant stands. For some reason it’s really hand to find affordable ones so when I saw these at Søstrene Grene in Nice, France I snapped them up. They sell out in a heartbeat in the UK and after some convincing, my husband agreed to pack them in our suitcase to bring home.  Now I could have stopped there but I never do. I had the idea to make 4 plant containers out of 2…

sostrene grene plant stands

Starting with the 2 plant stands. I found two plant pots which fitted the stands but like most pots they had drainage holes at the bottom. If you follow my blog you’ll know that I love working with sugru – a mouldable glue – and it was perfect for this job. I used 1 packet of the natural pack and left it over night to dry hard. Perfect watertight pots. sugru plant pot sugru plant pot sugru plant pot sugru plant pot

I love the old marked pots with the metal stands.

sostrene grene plant stands

And they look great in our newly painted Farrow & Ball Stiffkey Blue bedroom (click here for a full tour).

sostrene grene plant stands sostrene grene plant stands sostrene grene plant stands

Now with the 2 plant hangers. I was left with the plastic pots from the stand, as they are coned shape it made sense to hang them. Having drilled 3 holes into them (use masking tape where you want to drill so the drill doesn’t slip), I attached chain with hanging wire and then hung them from the ceiling with hooks.

hanging plant pot hack hanging plant pot hack hanging plant pot hack

Now before you comment that they don’t contain plants, I used branches from the garden for the photo as my plants hadn’t arrived yet.

hanging plant pot hack

Happy making!

Small print: The Sugru used in this post was kindly gifted by Sugru.